Ikea Steps Up Pandemic Relief Efforts

Ikea Retail U.S. has made a $1.6 million donation worth of products and supplies toward relief efforts to help the many people impacted by COVID-19.

“At Ikea, we are guided by a simple, yet powerful vision of creating a better everyday life,” said Javier Quiñones, president and chief sustainability officer, Ikea Retail U.S. “No matter how challenging times are, we are always committed to being a good neighbor and demonstrating commitment to local communities.”

Ikea U.S. has worked with partners and local government agencies to identify critical needs to ensure it is doing its part for the communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. IKEA U.S. stores and distribution centers are donating items such as blankets, bedding, and storage solutions for blood drives and temporary hospitals and shelters. The company also recently retrieved more than 30,000 N-95 masks from its operations that will be donated to local medical organizations and medical workers.

The $1.6 million donation of Ikea products and supplies in the U.S. will support the health and recovery of those affected by COVID-19, with more than $900,000 in products and supplies to departments of health in the nine most-heavily impacted states (California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington) as well as organizations in the communities surrounding its 60 stores and fulfillment centers to support immediate emergency efforts;  a combined total of $100,000 worth of products went to the American Red Cross and Feeding America. To support longer-term needs, an additional $600,000 was allocated for stores and distribution centers to assist with local efforts to relieve homelessness and isolation.

Together with its suppliers, Inter Ikea Group is initiating production of safety and personal protective equipment such as face masks, hand sanitation and protective clothing. Today, around 20 Ikea suppliers are producing masks and protective clothing or are about to start production.