Ikea To Launch New Housewares Collection In April

April is going to be a big month for Ikea, as it is introducing an array of home furnishings and housewares items including the 365+ Collection. New products are designed to make everyday life a little bit better, Ikea indicated.

Take the Mockelby dining tables, for example. Ikea recognizes that the dining table is heart of many homes, where birthdays are celebrated and homework is done, do it developed the two-table line to last with oak construction in a large, 92 and a half inch long by 39 and three eighths inch wide, and an extendable configuration, to suit a variety of circumstances.

The Ikea 365+ Collection emerges as a group of products that suit everyday needs as they exist today. The 365+ Pitcher comes with a lid over tempered glass that can stand up to cold or hot drinks.

Strength to meet everyday demands also is evident in Ikea 365+ cookware, so tough that a 200-pound man stood on the handle without it giving way, according to the company.

The 365+ Collection also extends its standard surviving day-in-day out life to wine glasses, and knives.