Ikea Unveils New Design Day Initiatives, Collaborations

In the aftermath of its Democratic Design Days 2018 event in Sweden, Ikea has unveiled new collaborations, collections and sustainability efforts to make products that last longer and use recycled and renewable materials.

According to the company, Ikea has established collaboration partnerships with cultural hub Saint Heron to explore architectural and interior design objects with multi-functional use. In addition, Ikea is working with Adidas, Lego, electronic sports brand Area Academy and 3D printing and photometry company Unyq, as well as designer Stefan Dietz, to explore creative work and workplace solutions.

New limited time collections include:

  • Foremal. Developed with artist Per B Sundberg to show another side of the Swedish design heritage, the collection incorporates skull-shaped vases, dog candle holders, and maximalist pieces.
  • Överallt. A collaboration with 10 designers from seven countries across disciplines and continents using the common theme modern urban rituals as the starting point.
  • Annanstans. A collection developed with Swedish textile designer Martin Bergström and artisans in rural India, Romania and Thailand.
  • Tankvard. A collection using rattan, cotton, linen, jute, and sea grass to showcase a sustainable mode of living.
  • Frekvens. A portable music collection featuring Bluetooth-enabled sound and light products for spontaneous sprees, which received a Red Dot Award.
  • Fornyad. A collection meant to emphasize fun and fashion as in products developed for student and working life with colette founder Sarah Andelman and Craig Redman.
  • Markerad. A project Ikea launched with Off-White founder Virgil Abloh, the collection offers personal statement pieces that incorporate function.
  • Osynlig. Scents add a fresh take on home furnishings emerging from a collaboration between Ikea and Byrdo founder Ben Gorham.
  • Rumtid. Ikea sent a team to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah to consider urban, small space living needs as they evolve, which sparked a collection the company will divide into four product launches based on the concepts of time, small space, water and air beginning in 2020.