Ikea Video Puts Techy Spin On Bookish Catalog

Ikea parodies mobile media device marketing in a new video touting the format that makes its print catalog valuable. The video introduces Ikea’s latest paper catalog, presenting it as a leading-edge, intuitive vehicle that provides information in a manner analogous, and maybe even superior, to a digital device.

The video notes that the 2014 catalog is “not digital book or an ebook. It’s a book book.” It notes that navigation is based on tactile touch technology “that you can actually feel.” To review the content, “simply touch and drag.” The video also notes that the information flows with no lag, “each crystal clear page loads instantaneously, no matter how fast you scroll.”

The video introduces the catalog and reaffirms its relevance as a tool that, unlike web searches, provides material in contexts offering not only basic information but a presentation that can be as informative as anything online, or even more so. It also suggests the value of the catalog as a tool in Ikea’s marketing/merchandising arsenal.

Not that the campaign is without irony, considering that the catalog includes interactive elements that allow, for example, consumers to call up a product from the pages using a tablet computer, then projecting it into any room of their homes as captured on the device screen.