IMC Develops New Marketing And Digital Structure

International Market Centers has developed a new integrated structure and staffing for its marketing and digital teams lead by Dorothy Belshaw, the company’s evp/chief marketing and digital officer.

Belshaw will oversee four key areas of marketing and digital strategy: brand strategy and business development, led by Karen Olson; digital services led by Brandon Ward; marketing services led by Brett Austin; and public relations and corporate communications, which she will oversee directly with support with in-house staff and outside consultation.

The brand strategy and business development team will assume responsibility for market as well as brand strategy, buyer acquisition and retail relations, market research and data analytics, registration, and end-to-end customer experience. To maintain the unique position of each market in which IMC operates, brand leaders will report to Olson. Kim Adams reports to Olson for Atlanta Apparel, Sarah Mount for Atlanta Gift & Home and Renee Loper-Boyd for Las Vegas and High Point. Renae Brown, who will oversee call center, data analytics, and registration, also reports to Olson, as will the retail relations group responsible for key account management and support for buying groups across all categories.

The digital services team, responsible for website and mobile app development, digital marketing deployment and performance analytics, data services, and digital products development, reports to Ward. The team includes Tripp Regan, digital and email experience, Nathaniel Johnson, front end development, and Danielle Willis, digital optimization and measurement.

The marketing services team, responsible for project management, procurement and production, publications and sponsorship, and programming and events management, reports to Austin. The team includes Nova Belote, project management, Kris Lamb, creative, and Ansley Spencer, production for publications, sponsorships and signage.

The public relations and corporate communications team will supervise media relations, media partnerships and corporate communications. In-house team members Dallas Britt, High Point and Las Vegas, and Chelsea Peabody Bohannon, Atlanta, report directly to Belshaw, with outside strategic support supplied by Cathy Steel of Steel Associates.

“IMC is committed both to maintaining the unique personality of each of our markets and to the enrichment of the differentiating features of each,” Belshaw said. “This new integrated team structure optimizes the skills of our people and the strength of our processes, and allows us to have maximum impact on the business while driving maximum value to our customers.”

Belshaw added, “Marketing will be a centralized function enhancing the end to end customer experience, driving increased buyer acquisition across all markets and developing digital tools and services to improve the at market experience for buyers and tenants.”