IMC Forms New Structure, Staffing Arrangements

International Market Center has developed a new integrated structure and staffing for the sales and leasing teams across its operations.

Scott Eckman, evp/president furniture and home décor leasing, will have permanent showroom leasing responsibilities, which will be industry-based and market-wide for furniture and home décor. Dave Savula, president gift and apparel leasing, will supervise gift and apparel showroom leasing, which will be managed by venue in Atlanta and Las Vegas. JoAnn Miller Marshall, evp/president trade show leasing, will oversee trade show leasing, which will be campus-specific in Atlanta, High Point and Las Vegas.

Ryan Mahoney and Julie Messner will lead home furnishings leasing, reporting to Eckman, as will Katie Miner, who will lead leasing and overall management of the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center.

Terence Morris will lead permanent gift leasing in Las Vegas, and Mary Sullivan will lead permanent gift and apparel leasing in Atlanta, reporting to Savula.

Marie Knight will head up gift and home décor temporary leasing in Atlanta, and Priscila Gilburg will do the same for gift and home décor temporary leasing in Las Vegas, reporting to Miller Marshall. In High Point, Angie Nelson will lead temporary leasing for Salon and Suites at Market Square while Gaye Outlaw will retain leasing responsibility for Interhall at IHFC, and Caron Stover will lead apparel temporary leasing in Atlanta.

“Furniture and home décor leasing will align around centralized ‘key account’ management which will create stronger and more focused agent/tenant partnerships,” Eckman stated. “This also will allow our customers to maximize our results and to achieve national distribution.”

Miller Marshall noted, “Trade show leasing will apply expertise and expanded resources to grow existing temporary presentations in Atlanta, High Point and Las Vegas. IMC’s temporary exhibit sales teams will be campus-specific, better enabling existing staff to maintain the unique personality and differentiating features of each market.”

Under Miller Marshall’s direction, trade show leasing will identify opportunities to maximize occupancy at the new Expo facility at World Market Center Las Vegas, which will break ground in January and open in July 2020. Jennifer Muna, will supervise the overall management, business activities, strategies and leadership for the new Expo center reporting to Greg Avitabile, IMC evp/operations.