IMC Offers Juniper-Branded Digital Tools

IMC_di, the digital innovation division of International Market Centers, has introduced Juniper, a new brand identity that will cover its full suite of digital tools, including Juniper MKT, its keystone B2B e-commerce marketplace.

For immediate availability, the company has released Juniper Web, an e-commerce website tool, the first of several enhanced digital sales and marketing tools it has scheduled for launch over the next 18 months. Its launch signals the comprehensive advance of the IMC service function extending from the company’s physical marketplaces, which Juniper will support, into an online space where it can sustain and develop fresh initiatives that more firmly link buyers and sellers.

Juniper arrives in a three tiered structure that allows businesses of all sizes to tailor Juniper tools to their specific needs and budgets. The suite also will provide multi-line capabilities that facilitate vendor collaboration with their rep groups on mutually growing their businesses through e-commerce:

  • Juniper WEB. The e-commerce website tool launched on August 3, and enables wholesale vendors and sales representatives to sell their products online to retailers. Juniper Web is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that is cost effective, easy to maintain and integrated with the other products in the Juniper suite, and is designed to be inclusive of sales reps and to meet the complex business needs of single-line and multi-line wholesale vendors exhibiting at the company’s markets.
  • Juniper MKT. In January 2020, the new B2B e-commerce marketplace will bridge what gaps exist between IMC’s physical and digital markets. Juniper MKT will enable sellers to generate leads, manage customers and sell year ’round, and it allows buyers to shop favorite brands, search and discover new brands and create projects and brand-specific shopping carts. Established on the foundation of IMC_di’s ShopZio, a B2B e-commerce platform with 500-plus brands and more than 35,000 retailers, Juniper MKT will be the only marketplace built by, with and for gift, home and apparel markets.
  • Juniper SNQ. A product information management and data syndication tool debuting in the first quarter of 2021, Juniper SNQ evolves from best-in-class features available today in Pharos Product Fastlane and datasynq from RepZio. The web application will enable wholesale vendors and sales agencies to manage and share product data across multiple e-commerce platforms.
  • Juniper SLS. Also hitting the market in the 2021 first quarter, the mobile sales application software generates orders and manages customer relationships whether at markets or on the road all year long. From a fusion of best-in-class features offered by Pharos Spotlight and RepZio, Juniper SLS will emerge as a robust aid to vendors and sales agencies as they manage customers and appointments, scan product barcodes, build and manage carts by brand, place secure PCI compliant orders and send order updates.
  • Juniper CRM. A transactional customer relationship management application, Juniper CRM will launch before the end of 2021 and enable vendors to increase sales, deliver proactive customer service and gain a single, 360-degree view of each customer from prospect to transaction.

“The launch of Juniper is both representative of our progress and reflective of our momentum,” said Eric Dean, IMC_di president. “Juniper is a seamless extension and expansion of IMC’s industry-leading physical markets. Together, they provide a central source for all of our customers’ business needs and offer the only truly omnichannel sales opportunity to the gift, home and apparel industries. Over the coming months and throughout 2021, our new Juniper ecosystem will expand to include a suite of new solutions for the industry, while also seamlessly replacing some of the digital tools currently offered by our legacy brands.”