IMC: Summer Vegas Market Pre-Registration Gains Over Winter Show

Pre-registrations for the Summer Las Vegas Market 2014 are running 7% ahead of Winter 2014, host International Market Centers has announced, which was the largest event in the history of the biannual event. IMC stated that it expects attendance for the market, which runs from July 27 to 31, to gain most abundantly in the gift and home décor category, with buyer registration pacing 18% ahead of the recent Winter 2014 Market and 83% ahead of the Summer 2013 Market.

“By virtually every measure— week-to-week comparisons against Winter Market, overall quantity of registrations, and percentage gains by category— attendee registration for the Summer Las Vegas Market is ahead,” said Scott Eckman, IMC chief market and strategy officer, in announcing the pre-market gains. “These gains reinforce the strategic shifts we have made in positioning Las Vegas Market as the leading furniture, home decor and gift destination in the western United States, and reflect both the increase in resource density as well as the intensive efforts by our expanded Retail Relations team.”

Although registration growth has been strongest in the gift and home décor categories, overall Summer Market pre-registrations are ahead across all merchandise categories, IMC asserted including furniture, which is experiencing and consistent registration activity commensurate with its maturity at Las Vegas Market.

“Our gains in gift and home registrations are fueled not only by the dramatic resource growth in these product categories, but also through stepped-up efforts from the Retail Relations call center,” Eckman noted.