Indulgence, Wellness Fuel Stay-At-Home Beverage Craft

NEW YORK— Coffee remains one of the strongest drivers in the housewares industry as consumers continue to recreate their favorite coffee shop beverages in the home.

At the heart of this trend is craft coffee, as consumers take the time to learn the craft of making specialty drinks such as espresso, lattes, flat whites and macchiatos. For many housewares vendors in the manual coffee category, it has become clear that consumers that drink coffee are becoming more interested in the overall coffee experience— from beans to brew to taste— than ever before.

Here, in the Home Beverage Report 2020, we take a closer look at how suppliers of coffeemakers, within both the small electric and manual categories, are applying consumer consumption trends to boost the category. The report also examines the growth of the electric kettle category; the healthy living position of blenders and juicers; and hydration beverageware’s sustainability focus.