Influenster Platform Pairs Brands With Consumers

NEW YORK— In detailing the benefits the organization offers marketers, Influenster emphasizes its ability to connect clients to audiences that match their needs, Jia Marquez, a company senior account executive, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.

“A major benefit of partnering with Influenster is that clients are able to connect with the exact consumers that they’re trying to reach. We currently have over 600 data points per member, anywhere between age, income and ethnicity to where they shop, how much they spend, what brands they use, etc. With this information we can get really granular in terms of who our clients are trying to reach. When our members sign up, they also connect all of their social accounts— i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, blogs, etc.— so again we’re collecting a lot of data in terms of who their social following is and what they talk about on social,” said Marquez.

Influenster said it is a gamified platform, so, added Marquez, “We create ‘Brand Challenges’ for each campaign which outlines various tasks where clients are looking to drive activity i.e. like/follow on social, share photos, write reviews on brand/retail website, create blogs/vlogs, etc. This is so that we can streamline the activity of our members to the platforms that are most important to our clients.”

Influenster offers customer access to members of its community, Marquez said, real people who “are talking about real products. They definitely give an authentic voice and conversation surrounding our client partners, and you can really trust them to give their full and honest opinions about products that they’re testing and experiencing. Our ultimate goal is for our members to become brand loyalists to the products they receive, and we encourage them to create social activity across social media platforms so that their networks become purchasers of the products too.”

As for results, Marquez stated that Influenster clients can expect a marketing campaign launched through its members to generate thousands of posts across a range of social media platforms that can reach millions of consumers, and so, provide rapid impact.

“We also offer detailed insights reporting post program, which includes information such as prior usage and awareness, brand perception, what they like/dislike about products, competitive analysis, etc. So not only are we generating social content, but we’re also giving feedback to our clients post-program,” she said.    —By Mike Duff