Infringement Claims Propel Walker Edison Lawsuit

Walker Edison Furniture Co. filed a lawsuit in federal district court in South Carolina on March 18, naming as defendants Gibson Living, Inc., Moda Flame, Inc., Elite Flame, and Artem Galperin.  The lawsuit states that the defendants infringed on Walker Edison’s trademarks, trade dress, patented product designs and copyrighted assembly manuals, the company stated.

Walker Edison added that its Mosaic TV stand, winner of the 2013 Pinnacle Award from the America Society of Furniture Designers in the home entertainment category, is the subject of one of the design patents referred to in the lawsuit, U.S. Patent No. D717,569.

The court granted Walker Edison’s motion for a temporary restraining order on March 28, the company stated. Brad Bonham, Walker Edison’s co-founder and CEO, said, “We are serious about protecting our intellectual property.  We intend to pursue these defendants vigorously and put a stop to their blatant and illegal use of our name, reputation, and intellectual property.”