Infusion Living Launches Better Shredder

Infusion Living LLC is introducing its Better Shredder. The two-piece molded shredder grips and quickly shreds cooked meats, fish, eggs, lettuce and more. 

We conducted consumer research to better understand what problems consumers were having in food preparation,” said Bill Reibl, Infusion Living president and founder. Shredding was identified as a problem area since there was no method available other than using two folks to separate the meat.”

The Better Shredder offers an improvement over the two-fork shredding method, Reibl said, as it takes less time and prevents juices from escaping.  The device features two parts: a non-skid base and a top with easy grip handles. Inside, spikes hold the food in place so when the base fixes to the prep area, the spikes shred cooked meats in seconds with a few rotations, the company said. All juices are caught in the base.