International Housewares Association Elects New Board Members; Casabella’s Kaminstein Elected IHA Chairman

Four new directors were elected to the board of directors of the International Housewares Association.
The new directors are David E. Elliott, general manager/KitchenAid Small Appliances, KitchenAid; Daniel Oehy, president, Swissmar; Alvise Ricoveri, managing director, De’Longhi America, Inc.; and Gary Seehoff, CEO, Evriholder Products, LLC. They were elected to three-year terms that begin October 1 and end September 30, 2013.
Also elected were new board officers— Chairman: Bruce Kaminstein, CEO, Casabella Holdings LLC Corporation;  Vice Chairman/Chairman Elect: Barry D. Harper, president/CEO, Harper Brush Works, Inc.; Treasurer: Bill Reibl, Progressive International Corp. All officers serve one-year terms from October 1, 2010 to September 30, 2011.
Retiring from the IHA board are Jeff Siegel, president and CEO, Lifetime Brands Inc. and Kenneth Lefever, president, Wilton Armetale. Re-appointed for a second three-year term were Sheldon Goodman, president, Spectrum Diversified Designs, Inc.; Keith Jaffee, Focus Investments; and Gavin Lam, CEO, Lynns Concepts Inc.