International Housewares Shippers Association Issues Rebate To Members

The International Housewares Shippers Association (IHSA) has issued a rebate to participants for 2016 totaling $142,672. The rebate is awarded by the IHSA board of directors at the conclusion of the association’s fiscal year. Each participant’s share depends on their level of participation and is based on every 40-foot equivalent unit (FEU) shipped.

IHSA is a not-for-profit association that was formed to benefit International Housewares Association member companies by leveraging its members’ volume. IHSA negotiates freight contracts and partners with other logistics providers to lower supply chain costs. Since its inception in 2005, IHSA has issued more than $1 million in rebates to members, according to IHA.

The more an individual member participates, the greater the membership rebate. Individual member rewards can vary on an annual basis from a few hundred dollars to over $50,000. For 2016, the refund per FEU was $50.82 with individual member refund checks ranging from a few hundred dollars to more than $40,000, noted IHA.

IHSA is comprised of logistics executives who work closely with the association’s management team to obtain competitive pricing, rate stability and reputable service levels. IHSA has direct contracts with major steamship lines servicing the East-West trades. The association also partners with Laufer Group International to provide members with full container load options outside the direct carrier contract program while still remaining under the IHSA umbrella.

Membership in IHSA is free for regular members of IHA.