Kathy Ireland, Pacific Coast Lighting Renew Partnership

Pacific Coast Lighting has announced an extension and expansion of its partnership with Kathy Ireland Worldwide.

The agreement builds from an existing partnership covering lighting products and establishes arrangements through 2022.

Clark Linstone, PCL president, said, “The Kathy Ireland Home brand is America’s most successful designer lighting program in the home furnishings industry. This renewal, after 15 years of partnership, extends our agreement well into the next decade. In our industry, most other brands have not been successful, and Kathy Ireland Home continues to be, because Kathy continually battles beside us creatively and with great strength to resonate at retail. Design, media, values that truly mean something to our retail customers, make a tremendous difference. Kathy works closely with our design team and drives the inspiration, personally and sales professionally. She leads a great team and the vision Kathy sets is recognized in the market. Customers understand what this brand is all about, and customers embrace it. Fashion, quality, value and safety are hallmarks that make the brand successful and finally, because of all of these reasons, customers search for the brand and after all these years, our sales continue to grow.”

Ireland added, “Lighting is essential jewelry for the home, office and garden spaces. Our team at Pacific Coast Lighting makes beautiful, chic lamps and lighting fixtures that are functional and fabulous. We’ve worked together for 15 years, and it feels as though, we’re just getting started. This renewal is thrilling for everyone at Kathy Ireland Worldwide. They have led us to an incredible success in the lighting sector of the home industry.”