Iris USA Debuts Ziploc Branded Storage Bins

IRIS USA, Inc. is debuting a new line of Ziploc branded “weathertight” storage bins, as part of a recently signed licensing agreement with SC Johnson, at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago.

IRIS USA president Chet Keizer told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® about the relationship: “We are so proud to have the opportunity to license Ziploc from SC Johnson. Licensing partnerships with great companies and brands has been a key initiative for IRIS USA, and our relationship with SC Johnson is very special and meaningful.” 

Nicole DaPra, IRIS USA’s licensing category manager, added that the licensed Ziploc storage maintains “the same high quality standard and integrity as our IRIS branded storage.” The Ziploc product is differentiated by size and color scheme, as well as some design and aesthetic features.

DaPra said the Ziploc weathertight containers complement other Ziploc branded storage products currently on the market, such as its Space Bags, big bags and flexible totes. “One of the most important synergies is the sealing and locking attribute that both of our products incorporate, making consumers feel that what’s stored inside is contained and secure,” DaPra added.

The initial Ziploc weathertight storage line will include four SKUs, ranging from 16-quart to 60-quart capacities, and will have a suggested retail price range from $9.99 to $18.99.