Iris USA Introduces New Maker Homeware Division

Iris USA, Inc. is planning to launch a brand of cookware to the domestic market this year, said Al Muto, general manager of the Maker Homeware division of Iris USA.

The brand, coming to market with the tagline, “Rethink Home,” will market cookware to consumers in the 28- to 42-year-old age range and will rely heavily on online marketing, social media and the use of YouTube “celebrities” to connect to its customer base.

The company plans to bring four to five Maker Homeware product lines to market in 2015, including a full line of mid-to-high-end ceramic cookware, detachable-handle cookware, stainless steel goods, bakeware, as well as some small kitchen electrics.

Maker Homeware is not only planning to sell housewares on its website, but it will also create recipes, video content and more. “We want to be heavily engaged with our customer. We don’t want to just sell product on the site, we want a vibrant community that is going to continue to come back,” said Muto.

Social media sites, such as Facebook, are also slated to play a role in Maker Homeware’s marketing strategy, which will also tap into YouTube to find an array of brand ambassadors who speak to the target consumer.

Iris USA is expecting Maker Homeware product to be ready to ship by August and is hoping to distribute to a variety of retail channels, from department stores to the specialty gourmet store.

For the full story on Iris USA’s new Maker Homeware division, see the March 2 issue of HomeWorld Business.