iRobot Invests In Wellness Technologies

iRobot Ventures, the strategic investment arm of iRobot, has invested in Intuition Robotics, a developer of social companion technologies.

According to the company, Intuition Robotics will conduct its first live demonstration of Elli-Q, an autonomous active aging companion aimed at keeping older adults active and engaged, at this year’s OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem, Israel.

“Intuition Robotics’ Elli-Q is an exciting advancement in cognitive computing and human-robot interaction,” said Hanns Anders, director, iRobot Ventures. “iRobot has been a longtime proponent of the development of robotics technologies to support the world’s aging population. The advances being made by Intuition Robotics are critically important to keeping this important population active and engaged.”

Intuition Robotics is set to open its U.S. Headquarters in Silicon Valley this year to bring on board key talent and start market operations in the U.S.

iRobot joins Terra Venture Partners, who led the Intuition Robotics seed round, as well as other original investors including Bloomberg Beta, Maniv Mobility and additional private investors. OurCrowd, a global equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, is also now funding the company.