J.K. Adams Debuts New Carving, Serving Boards

J.K. Adams has debuted its new assortment of carving and serving boards, which also includes a new travel-sized board.

The Rectangle Butterfly board features a long thin design and has sloped handles to provide comfort while handling. The shape is ideal for serving small bites, such as appetizers, bread and oil, and sushi. It is available in maple and walnut.

The larger Rectangle Reversible Butterfly carving board is designed for carving and serving larger roasts and meals. It features sloped handles that have a slim profile for ease of serving. The carving side of the board has a thin juice groove around the perimeter of the board that keeps the counter and or table clean of drips and crumbs. The serving side is flat with ample room to build a meal such as a charcuterie board. It is available in maple and walnut.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the company has introduced the Packout Travel board that contains two interlocking boards crafted in maple. One side is for prep and cutting and the other side has a recessed edge for serving. The board comes with a Wüsthof red handled paring knife.