Jagermeister ‘Shotmeister’ Brings Ice Cold Shots To Consumer Homes

Jagermeister, the iconic shot brand, today announced the debut of The Shotmeister, a single bottle tap machine, set to debut this month and designed to bring a taproom pour into the home. Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc. introduced the first Jagermeister Tap Machine in 1993 and created the “ice cold shot”.

This not only brought the brand out of the cold box and onto the bar, but also made Jagermeister the first tapped spirit in the industry, according to the company. Today, the company has nearly 100,000 tap machines in bars and restaurants across the country. The new Shotmeister for the home is compact enough to fit under most kitchen cabinets and boasts a sleek silver and black design. This new home-targeted Jagermeister Tap Machine family is smaller and lighter than the in-bar Tap Machine but features the same state-of-the-art rapid cooling mechanism technology designed to chill and dispense Jagermeister at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit, according to the company. The Shotmeister consumes the same amount of electricity as a 60 watt florescent light bulb. 

“With the introduction of the Shotmeister, consumers can now recreate the experience of ice cold shots of Jagermeister out of the tap machine in their own home,” said Amanda Blanco, vp/marketing for Jagermeister at Sidney Frank Importing Company. “This new innovation is perfect for parties and at home entertaining as it ensures that each and every shot of Jagermeister is served at the appropriate temperature; ice cold.”

The Shotmeister is designed to hold only a 750ml or 1L Jagermeister bottle. The Shotmeister requires no assembly and, according to the company, is easy to operate and easy to clean. The Jagermeister Tap Machine and Shotmeister are manufactured and sold by Tap Machine, Inc. Suggested retail price is $199.00.