Jarden Brings A Third Dimension To Crock-Pot Cooking

The Jarden Crock-Pot Trio, winner of the 2010 Housewares Design Award for Kitchen Electrics, at first glance might lead consumers to think they’re seeing double, or in this case, triple.
The three-crock update of the iconic Crock-Pot, first introduced to American consumers in 1971, on its surface is a classic Crock-Pot design times three. However, it is the application of consumer research and insight to a classic product design, and the application of design principles based on an understanding of evolving consumer lifestyles that helped the Crock-Pot Trio earn Best In Category recognition at this year’s Housewares Design Awards event.
The Crock-Pot Trio’s design is an outgrowth of a larger strategic inititiatve that began with Jarden’s creation of its Consumer Solutions division, an effort aimed at better integrating the company’s product design, development and marketing around an in-depth understanding of American consumers’ lifestyles.
The product design flows from research into and understanding of evolving consumer food-preparation and entertaining trends. Even prior to the current recession American consumers had been engaging in increased levels of home entertaining. The Pot-Luck Suppers of previous generations that saw family and friends coming together each bringing a prepared dish to share, have garnered renewed interest from a new generation of home cooks who eagerly watch television cooking shows and look to create their own culinary delights at home. “Entertaining at home is such a big thing today and we wanted to provide a product that helps that entertaining experience,” said Eric O’Neill, director/new product development. “The product looks great on the counter when you’re using it, and it gives you a lot of functionality. The design, function and the innovation were all important when developing the product.”
The Crock-Pot Trio’s three 2.5-quart crocks are ideally sized for entertaining-sized portions and are easily removed for refilling, cleaning or take along. Each comes with a serving spoon and a spoon notch to facilitate easy entertaining. Each of the three crocks has its own heating controls, with high, low, warm and off settings, giving consumers precise control of each dish.
However, the Trio is not just for entertaining and its three-crock design plays to a classic challenge centered around any one-pot meal preparation system; what do you do for sides and desserts? The Crock-Pot Trio’s three-crock design enables consumers to prepare more diverse meals as well as prepare dinner and dessert without having to use multiple appliances on their already cluttered countertops. To facilitate consumer usage, the Crock-Pot Trio comes with complete meal solutions that give users ready-made menus to put their new cooker to immediate and successful use.