Jerdon Style To Launch Sharper Image Vanity Mirrors

Jerdon Style has been awarded the exclusive rights to produce and market vanity mirrors under the Sharper Image brand. Iconix, which owns the Sharper Image brand, awarded the license to Jerdon.

The new vanity mirrors will be available in four styles, for a total of eight SKUS, said Jerdon. There will be two wall-mount mirrors, one with LED lighting and one without, as well as two tabletop mirrors. The mirrors will be available in two finishes— chrome and nickel. The company stated that the new line of single-sided mirrors will have a sleek, frameless design, thanks to the integration of LED lighting.

“We believe in forward-thinking design and function, and LED lighting has just about taken over as the dominant lighting source for this category,” Bruce Grieve, president and CEO, Jerdon Style, told HomeWorld Business. “It’s more efficient and we have leveraged the LED technology to create a slimmer design, something we believe the Sharper Image customers are into.”

The lighted Sharper Image vanity mirrors will have a suggested retail price of $149, while the non-lighted tabletop mirrors will have an SRP of $69.99. The mirrors are projected to be available online and at retailers in September.