Ending Rewards Program is ending its JetCash rewards program.

The Walmart subsidiary has announced that it will shut down the JetCash rewards program after May 1. That day will be the last for shoppers in the rewards program to submit receipts for JetCash benefits.

In ending the benefits program, indicated that the program was initiated when the e-tailer was in its early development phase to help shoppers save on items they couldn’t find on the main website. Since then, the company noted, the assortment has grown to over 20 million items and counting. So, by shutting down Jet Anywhere, it maintained, can focus in on adding more brands to the main site and finding innovative new ways for shoppers to save.

In its launch phase, announced that members could benefit when they shop at Jet Anywhere partner stores across the web by earning JetCash. The program allowed consumers to spend JetCash on future purchases, which, according to the company, would enhance the value of membership on the site when they shopped categories from clothing to travel. The company later scrapped its membership model for a more open-access arrangement.