JetBlack Pioneers New Personal Retail Experience

As JetBlack continues to expand its subscriber base in areas of New York City where it operates, the company is also using its personnel and technology to build a new retail experience for consumers.

Conceived as part of the Walmart Store No. 8 business incubator, JetBlack is evolving by leveraging an organization that combines people with capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning to better suit the individual customer on an ongoing basis.

In doing so, it is bridging e-commerce with a future where the interaction between the consumer and the retailer takes on brand new dimensions.

Jenny Fleiss, Jetblack co-founder and CEO, and an executive in the Walmart Store No. 8 incubator, told HomeWorld Business that the company is growing under a regime that allows it to advance as its own enterprise independently of Walmart and, providing it the freedom to develop based on its internal dynamics but with the advantage of the parent company’s financial, administrative and operational support.

“The idea is everything in Store No. 8 operates very separately so the general learnings are very powerful for Walmart,” she said. “We have a lot of conversations. But I think the idea is much more comparable to how a venture fund works in that you can start and incubate businesses, and we are off and doing our own thing.”

Currently, Jetblack is concentrating on common lifestyle needs that its customers confront, including everyday requirements such as quick delivery of paper towels or laundry soap, or extraordinary but recurring necessities, such as gifts and party supplies. Jetblack sources some products from Walmart and, but it procures other items, including specialties from local brands and shops, directly, so it may pick up a particular lotion from a member’s favorite neighborhood boutique.

See the October 1 issue of HomeWorld Business for the full story on JetBlack.