JIA Brings Monolithic Cookware To The Market

JIA is bringing its new Monolithic Cookware collection to the market. The cookware line is a cooperation between the company and Naoto Fukasawa, an industrial designer.

The company noted that the new cookware is designed and based on the observations and cooking experiences of Fukasawa. He took the intuitions and habits of everyday cooking at home into consideration to showcase his low-key and simple style, said the company.

JIA said the new cookware features premium Teflon Profile non-stick technology, is PFOA free, test approved by Computer Assist Mechanical Utensil Test (CAMUT), and is scratch-resistant and long lasting. The cookware is made from cast aluminum and has a heat-resistant plastic handle. The line was designed with both Eastern and Western cooking styles in mind, the company said.

The Monolithic Cookware set contains three pans and several other accessories, including a flat pan, single-handle pan, double-handle pot, spatula, colander and soup spoon.