Joseph Joseph Preps New Kitchen Helpers

Joseph Joseph has debuted several new kitchen tools to support consumers with their kitchen prep needs.

The new Multi-Grip Mandoline is designed to create even slices of fruit or vegetables quickly and easily, while keeping fingers safe from the sharp stainless steel blade. The new gadget has a precision food grip that allows consumers to slice a variety of items of differing shapes and sizes. It features a pinch grip for small items such as radishes or garlic cloves; a center grip for slicing rounds from carrots or cucumber; and a flat grip for creating longer slices from foods such as zucchini or eggplant. It also features three slice thickness, a non-slip tip and an easy-grip handle for safe use.

Also new is the Multi-Grate 2-in-1 paddle grater with a protective sheath that features two styles of grating blade in one design. The coarse blade is ideal for grating firm cheeses and vegetables, while the fine blade is for hard cheeses like parmesan and citrus fruits. The paddle design makes it easy to grate directly over plates and the non-slip tip provides extra grip if resting on the worktop while grating.

The SpiroGo compact hand-held spiralizer is made to is tackle small spiralizing tasks. It features a long handle for a secure grip and a stainless steel blade to help achieve the desired noodle thickness. The detachable finger guard has a food grip that allows consumers to spiralize vegetables while keeping fingers safe.