Joseph Joseph Presents New Bamboo Cutting Boards

Joseph Joseph has introduced its Cut & Carve cutting board, which is made of bamboo and is double-sided.

The cutting board features an integrated food grip for holding meat or other food as consumers cut and has an angled cutting surface to collect meat juices and crumbs. The handle recesses on the sides of the board to make carrying easy and non-slip feet on the base help keep it in place. The cutting board has a suggested retail price of $40.

The company has also made its Chop2Pot board in bamboo. As bamboo is denser and less porous than wood, it resists water and knife scarring better, explained the company.

The board’s folding design features a silicone hinge in the center of the board and non-slip feet to keep it securely in place. Once the user chops ingredients, they can then fold the board to pour into a pot or pan. The board is available in small at a suggested retail price of $18 and a suggested retail price of $25 for the larger size.