Joseph Joseph Spotlights Kitchen Cleaning, Organization

Joseph Joseph is casting a spotlight on its latest solutions to help consumers keep the kitchen clean and organized.

The company recently rolled out its new assortment of Cleantech Brushes and Scrubbers. The new cleaning tools feature advanced polymer bristles that the company said drain and dry quickly, while being durable and flexible for effective cleaning.

The scrubber is safe for use on non-stick cookware and features fine bristles on one side for gentle cleaning tasks and coarse bristles on the other for tougher deposits. The brush head is removable and can be replaced if needed. The set includes one scrubber brush and one washing-up brush and is available in green or blue.

The company also has rolled out the new Large DrawerStore Cutlery Organizer, adding onto the DrawerStore collection. The design of the cutlery tray features angled compartments that layer on top of each other so more cutlery can be stored in less space. It also features individual, stacked compartments for different cutlery and cutlery icons for easy identification. The organizer has non-slip feet and is suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 3 1/4 inches.