Kai Celebrates Shun’s 15th Anniversary

Kai is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Shun brand of kitchen knives and housewares.

According to the company, Shun was the first major manufacturer to bring Japanese cutlery to the U.S. The Shun Classic knife was the first Shun series on the market with its layered Damascus cladding.

Introduced in 2002, Kai stated that Shun’s pedigree is traced back 100 years ago when Saijiro Endo set up shop in Seki City, Japan. There, Endo began to produce folding knives, razors and then kitchen cutlery. That company evolved into Kai. When it was established in the U.S., the company decided to bring quality Japanese cutlery to the American market under the brand of Shun.

In addition to Shun Cutlery, additional brands under Kai USA Ltd. include Kershaw Knives, sporting and everyday carrying knives, and Zero Tolerance Knives, premium and professional knives.