Kalorik Adds Multi-Cooker To Emeril Electrics Line

Kalorik is expanding its Emeril Lagasse kitchen electrics assortment with the debut of a new multi-purpose cooker designed with the culinary star.

The Emeril Everything Cooker Plus has a capacity of 6-quarts and features a control panel with 11 preset menus that includes cake, soup, risotto, steam, porridge rice and pasta.

“The unit looks like a slow cooker, but it is able to reach temperatures high enough for searing meat,” said Uri Murad, CEO at Kalorik. “What makes [the multi-purpose cooker]different is its stirring paddle that automatically stirs items like risotto during the cooking process. This frees the consumer to do other things.”

Kalorik officials said the addition of the multi-cooker speaks not only to the success the company had with its Emeril-branded line in 2015, but also the momentum the appliance segment is seeing as more consumers look for a single unit that offers multiple functions.

Lagasse is scheduled to make an appearance at Kalorik’s Lakeside Center booth on Sunday, March 6, at 1 p.m.