Kantar Retail: Walmart Leads PoweRanking But Target Gains Ground

Walmart remains the lead store in Kantar Retail’s PoweRanking for 2010 although it lost some ground to Number 2 Kroger and Number 3 Target.
The market research firm polled mass-market retailers and suppliers to determine the PoweRankings based on criteria including clearest company strategy, store branding superiority, ability to do business effectively, strong category management/buying personnel and best supply chain management.
Walmart’s 62.3% ranking far outstrips Kroger’s 42.6% or Target’s 41.2%. Still, Kroger gained 0.6% in its ranking while Target gained 3.3%, even as Walmart lost 2.7%. A step down, Costco and Wegmans rounded out the Top 5 at 19.6% and 15.3% respectively, both down 0.7%. Publix, H.E.B., Safeway, CVS and Walgreens followed.
According to Kantar, Target’s year-over-year advance, biggest in the Top 10, reflected appreciation of its consistent strategy and collaboration with manufacturer partners.