Kärcher Group Introduces Hard Floor Cleaner

Kärcher Group has introduced the Kärcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner to the North American market.

The floor cleaner features two-in-one functionality that allows customers to both mop and remove wet and dry dirt in one step. The FC5 can be used on most standard hard floor surfaces, including wood, stone, laminate, concrete or plastic. The floor cleaner is prepackaged with four sample cleaning detergents, including universal, oil and wax, wood and stone offerings.

It features microfiber rollers said to scrub away dirt with a minimum amount of water. The dirt is then moved to a separate container, keeping the rollers clean. The floor cleaner is said to use up to 85% less water while providing better cleaning performance in the process, according to the company.

The floor cleaner also includes a flexible hinge within its cleaning head, which permits customers to freely navigate around objects. In addition, it has an easy-to-remove two tank system, allowing customers to fill the clean water tank from a faucet and empty the dirty water tank separately. Customers are also provided with a cleaning and storage station for the unit and the rollers are machine washable for multiple uses.