Kaz Identifies America’s Top Ten ‘Coziest Cities’

For the second year in a row, Kaz, the manufacturer of Honeywell portable heaters, worked with Environmental Health & Engineering, an environmental consulting company, to identify what it asserts are the top 10 coziest cities in the U.S. This year, Portland, Maine, took the top spot, edging out Boston, last year’s top city, which was bumped down to the fourth spot.

“This year, we’ve re-evaluated the definition of coziness and have widened our criteria and search,” said Dr. Ted Myatt, Environmental Health & Engineering. “While we again looked at factors like the number of restaurants and coffee shops, which contribute to ambiance, we also looked at other elements that make a city more accessible and comfortable, such as number of museums, florists, breweries, and bed-and-breakfast hotels.”

The complete ranking is as follows:

1. Portland, ME

2. Santa Barbara, CA

3. Asheville, NC

4. Boston, MA

5. Santa Rosa, CA

6. Providence, RI

7. Charleston, SC

8. Madison, WI

9. Durham, NC

10. Portland, OR

In addition, based on a previous survey, Kaz noted that overall, Americans, even those living outside of the cities listed, feel their homes are cozy, with 97% reporting this is based on comfortable furniture, inviting décor, warm colors and comfortable temperature.