Kaz Identifies Top Ten Seasonal Allergens

With allergy season approaching, Kaz, the marketers of Honeywell air purifiers, partnered with Dr. Ted Myatt, a microbiologist and air quality expert, to help Americans recognize the allergens that are most prominent across the country, the company said.

The Environmental Allergen Report identifies the top 10 indoor and outdoor allergens present in the United States, pinpoints geographic locations where allergens are most prevalent and classifies the peak seasons for each allergen.

Based on the report, the 10 most common environmental allergens in the U.S. are: grass allergens, dust mite allergens, weed pollens, tree pollens, cat allergens, dog allergens, indoor mold species, cockroach allergens, rodent waste allergens and outdoor mold species.

“Reducing exposure to common allergens like grass and pollen is key for Americans concerned about allergy season, and what most don’t realize is that outdoor allergens are often brought indoors through our clothes, shoes and even our pets,” said Myatt. “The Environmental Allergen Report identifies allergens across the country at their source so we can be better prepared. Inside the home, preparedness should include running an air purifier with HEPA filtration to help remove microscopic particles from the air that passes through the filters.”