Keurig, DS Services Partner

Keurig Green Mountain and DS Services of America have reached a multi-year agreement that allows Keurig to offer DS Services’ Javarama coffee in K-Cup packs.

Exclusively available to DS Services customers, the companies plan to launch the new Javarama K-Cup packs in March 2015, featuring Javarama Signature Medium Roast and Dark Roast profiles. Since 1995, DS Services has provided proprietary gourmet coffees through its Javarama brand.

“We’re excited to expand our Keurig authorized distributor relationship with DS Services by offering their popular Javarama brand to customers in K-Cup packs,” said John Whoriskey, president, U.S. sales and marketing for Keurig. “With over 400 varieties from 60 brands already available in the Keurig hot brewing system, Javarama coffee will be a welcome addition to the Keurig family.”

“Our customers love the Javarama brand for its coffeehouse quality taste and now they will be able to enjoy it with the convenience of their Keurig brewers in homes and offices,” said Brian Miller, chief commercial officer, DS Services.

DS Services of America is a subsidiary of Cott Corporation, one of the world’s largest producers of beverages on behalf of retailers, brand owners and distributors. Cott is said to have one of the broadest home and office bottled water and office coffee services distribution networks in the United States, with the ability to service approximately 90% of U.S. households, as well as national, regional and local offices.