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Keurig Launches Specialty Coffeemakers

Keurig has launched a line of coffeemakers that are designed to allow for consumers to customize their drinks to brew either a fresh cup of regular coffee or specialty beverages such as a latte or cappuccino using a single brewer and a K-Cup pod.

The Keurig K-Cafe single serve coffee, latte and cappuccino maker is designed to make single-serve regular coffee, creamy lattes and frothy cappuccinos in minutes from any K-Cup pod, according to the company. Available exclusively at, the K-Café brewer is offered in a dark charcoal color at a suggested retail price of $179.99. Later this summer, a special edition model with a modern nickel-like finish will be available at retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price of $199.99.

Also new from Keurig is its K-Latte single-serve coffee and latte maker. According to the company, the brewer allows coffee drinkers to brew regular coffee from any K-Cup pod or to froth hot milk to create lattes. Priced at $99, the unit is available exclusively at Walmart.

Keurig officials said each new brewer is designed with an integrated, easy to clean milk frother that froths fresh milk— including skim, soy and almond— in minutes. In addition to brewing regular or on-the-go sizes, all coffeehouse brewers have a new Shot feature that brews a concentrated shot of coffee to be added to frothed milk to make coffeehouse-style beverages.

The company is also introducing new premium espresso roast coffee blends in K-Cup pods that are optimized to brew on the Shot setting, an option for consumers who prefer an espresso-style taste from their specialty drinks. Varieties include two options from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Vista 44° N Espresso Roast and Vanilla Espresso; and two options from Caribou Coffee, Real Inspiration Blend Espresso Roast and Caramel Espresso Roast.