Keurig Releases Annual Sustainability Report

Keurig Green Mountain officials said the company remains on target to meet several sustainability goals that include increasing the use of recyclable coffee pods and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In its 12th annual sustainability report, Keurig said it plans to produce 100% of K-Cup pods in Canada in a recyclable format by the end of 2018, and is on target to meet its 2020 goal to reduce life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of brewed beverages by 25%. In addition, the company said it is near completion of its 2020 goals to balance all of the water used in brewing beverages, and all waste diversion from landfills for its operations across North America.

“We know that reducing the resources that we and our consumers use every day yields environmental sustainability for our business, and we are proud of our accelerated progress,” said Monique Oxender, Keurig’s chief sustainability officer. “Keeping those resources in use, at their highest value is also critical and delivering on pod recyclability achieves that in a meaningful way for our products and our communities.”

According to the company, a top sustainability priority for Keurig is ensuring that 100% of K-Cup pods are recyclable by the end of 2020, a goal officials with the coffee supplier said is currently on track to be met.

In addition to announcing its accelerated recyclability milestone in Canada, the report highlights Keurig’s efforts to improve recycling systems and education through investments totaling more than $1 million a year with partnership organizations such as The Closed Loop Fund and The Recycling Partnership.