Kichler Promotes New LED Tape Lighting

Kichler Lighting is promoting a new concept in illuminating spaces to promote the use of its LED Tape Light product.

The company is highlighting light layering as a decorative option for consumers looking for new ways to dress up their homes. LED lighting has created new opportunities for consumers to use illumination to effect. Not only are tiny LED light sources capable of suiting various spaces and fixtures, their low energy use makes them inexpensive to operate.

Layered lighting uses multiple light sources to create room atmospheres based on illumination. Kichler recommends a combination of ambient lighting such as track or ceiling fan lighting with accent lighting, including pendants or decorative wall sconces, and task lighting, such as LED tape light and extruded channels along shelving or around mirrors.

The LED tape light provides well-placed illumination without visible fixtures or distracting wires, and can make a space appear larger, add cozy warmth or set the right mood, the company noted. It can also be functional in utilitarian spaces such as closets, where it can be easily mounted for better visibility.

Although it requires an installed connection system, LED tape lighting points the way in how portable lighting also may develop, given that, already, it is becoming both more decorative, as in the use of Edison bulbs and arc lamps, and utilitarian, as in the evolution of plug-in LED lighting strips.