Kitchen Innovations Launches NutriScale Board On Kickstarter

Kitchen Innovations has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new NutriScale Board. The board combines a large surface kitchen scale with two stackable cutting surfaces for cutting, weighing and dispensing food.

The NutriScale Board is designed to help consumers with portion control, meal prep, as well as achieving accuracy when weighing ingredients. The design also features an optional second cutting surface to prevent cross-contamination while prepping multiple food types.

The NutriScale Board features precise measurements in weight or volume and can weigh an ingredient up to 11 pounds. It also comes with a tare function. The board has angled sides and a non-slip base for easy handling.

“Many manufacturers focus on smart technology and connecting the scale to a person’s smartphone. We see value in that, but felt that there were other ways we could improve the standard kitchen scale that would prove to be more utilitarian,” said Ryan Boyle, managing director, Kitchen Innovations.

Kitchen Innovations is offering the board for an early backer pledge of $40 to $50 through October 15. The Kickstarter campaign will end in December.