KitchenAid Debuts Multi-Cooker

KitchenAid is expanding its assortment of small kitchen electrics with the debut of its Multi-Cooker, which offers 10 cooking functions, step-by-step cooking modes and a stirring accessory.

The 3-speed stir tower accessory mixes, flips and stirs ingredients to keep them consistently incorporated and evenly heated, according to the company. Once attached to the Multi-Cooker, its stir settings can be adjusted with a speed selector dial to handle everything from flipping meatballs to stirring a heavy stew. The new flipping paddle combined with a flex edge scraping blade stirs and scrapes around the cooking vessel to keep foods like batters and sauces from sticking to the sides.

“The Multi-Cooker adds a modern twist to the traditional slow cooker, with updated cooking settings ranging from steam to sear, and a stir tower that lets cooks step away and multi-task in the kitchen,” said Beth Robinson, senior brand experience manager for KitchenAid.

The new Multi-Cooker features pre-programmed settings for rice, risotto, soup and yogurt to provide cooks with next step instructions. As the user moves through each step, the unit adjusts and displays temperatures and timing accordingly.

“The pre-programmed settings help take the guesswork out of notoriously time and temperature sensitive dishes, resulting in less time fussing and more time for other things,” said Robinson.

Additional cooking modes include simmering, sautéing, searing, steaming and two slow cook options, all of which can be programmed for up to 12 hours of cooking. In addition, the keep warm function can be programmed for up to 24 hours.

The Multi-Cooker is available this month at in Candy Apple and Stainless Steel, and will be available at in August in the same colors, and also in Onyx Black. The suggested retail prices are $349.99 for the Multi-Cooker, $229.99 for the Stir Tower accessory and $549.99 for the Multi-Cooker and Stir Tower combined.