KitchenAid Maps Out Popular Stand Mixer Colors

For the first time, KitchenAid is sharing consumer survey data (shown below) on its most popular stand mixer colors along with popular treats in time for the holiday season.

By number of states, Blue Velvet is the most popular stand mixer color, with 18 states voting for it as their favorite, according to the survey.

Aqua Sky and Kyoto Glow rank the second and third most popular color in the U.S., respectively. Ten states prefer the calming shade Aqua Sky while eight states voted for the brand’s 2020 color of the year, Kyoto Glow, a new vibrant green hue.

A couple of states had a hard time choosing a favorite. Maryland respondents were equally torn between Kyoto Glow and Blue Velvet for most popular color, while Nebraska tied between Blue Velvet and Copper Pearl.

Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie were at the top of the list for favorite baked goods to make during the winter holidays throughout the country. While 21 states chose Apple Pie, ten chose Pumpkin Pie. The South loves their Apple Pie, with Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and the Carolinas voting it number one.

The data was collected from a OnePoll survey for KitchenAid with a sample of 5,000 Americans (100 per state) from October 6-19, 2020. KitchenAid said it decided to field the survey not only because the stand mixer is such a key item for gift giving, but because it’s also an integral part of holiday baking.