KitchenAid Premieres Inspirational Content Hub

KitchenAid, alongside Idea Farmer, has premiered an original short film, “The Possibilities Of Honey,” available to watch on the brand’s new content hub, KitchenAid Stories.

The short film profiles makers throughout the honey process and across America— directly connecting to KitchenAid Stories’ goal of spotlighting craftspeople, chefs and changemakers via engaging, inspiring and educational narratives, the company said.

“The Possibilities Of Honey” is the first content to debut at KitchenAid Stories, a new platform that will helm KitchenAid owned, conceptualized, produced and realized mediums that elevate the stories of chefs, makers, and epicurean radicals, the company noted. A place to celebrate and inspire makers, KitchenAid Stories will seek to position itself as a source for inspiration and discovery through film, editorialized content and interactive storytelling.

“KitchenAid Stories is a platform we’ve long been excited to bring to life,” said Megan Walters-Pirri, senior brand manager at KitchenAid. “‘The Possibilities Of Honey’ exemplifies the storytelling we are seeking to share and I can’t imagine a better film to launch the concept. The makers that the team from Idea Farmer sought to profile in their connection to honey should resonate with everyone.”