KitchenAid Reveals Color Of The Year

KitchenAid has revealed its 2020 Color of the Year, Kyoto Glow. This year, the company sought to demonstrate the increased desire for wellness, balance and optimism with Kyoto Glow, a new vibrant, yet calming green hue.

Through extensive research on culture and color tracking throughout the past few years, KitchenAid identified Kyoto Glow as a unifying color around the world. As people seek to recharge, they are choosing to find balance in an inward journey of wellness and tranquility. Recognizing the kitchen as a haven for makers to replenish themselves, KitchenAid said it created Kyoto Glow to give makers a color that reflects their desire for balance.

Kyoto Glow’s name was further inspired by the city of Kyoto, Japan, which has long encapsulated the idea of balance and tranquility.

“Kyoto Glow not only turns the kitchen into a rejuvenating sanctuary to recharge and replenish by energizing makers but also embodies an emerging global culture of self-care,” said Jon Bellante, KitchenAid global marketing director. “The color was chosen to inspire makers around the world to nourish creativity and take part in immersive wellness in their culinary journey and beyond.”

KitchenAid is highlighting its 2020 Color of the Year through its Artisan Stand Mixer and new K400 Blender. The K400 Blender, MSRP $249.99, and Artisan Stand Mixer, MSRP $379.99, are now available at