KitchenIQ Survey Tests Consumers Knife-Sharpening Knowledge

KitchenIQ, the housewares division of Smith’s Consumer Products, recently conducted a nationwide “Knife Sharpening IQ” survey to gauge the level of expertise Americans have when it comes to knife sharpening.  The results concluded that a majority of participants have room for improvement.

Of the 1,200+ men and women surveyed, 57% were deemed as “Need Some Honing,” with their survey results indicating they had a small amount of knowledge about knife sharpening. Nearly 35% were considered a “Diamond in the Rough,” responding incorrectly to more than two-thirds of the survey. 

The survey consisted of a variety of questions designed to uncover participants’ sharpening IQ, covering topics such as What is a Paring Knife used for? to Which Material is Best for Sharpening a Very Dull Knife at Home? and What is a Steel used for?  A mere 8% of respondents were considered “Sharp as a Tack,” or an expert on knife sharpening.

Although a majority of those surveyed (59%) said they were “extremely likely” or “likely” to sharpen their knives at home, more than 50% said they don’t own a sharpener, but would sharpen at home if they did. Of the respondents, 21% said they don’t know how to sharpen knives. A large majority, 81%, said the most important thing they look for in a sharpener is ease of use. 

According to the company, each KitchenIQ sharpener has been crafted to offer ease of use to consumers at all skill levels. Kitchen IQ offers an assortment of sharpeners with suggested retail prices ranging from $5.99 to $199, designed to meet a wide range of consumer sharpening needs and preferences.