Klarna: Furniture Sales Show Mid-April Strength

Payment and shopping provider Klarna has released new data that demonstrates a major increase in demand for furniture, with its enabled transaction volumes in both categories up 60% week over week in the seven days ended April 18.

Klarna app-enabled transactions at furniture stores had been trending upward since the coronavirus outbreak hit the U.S., indicating that consumers have been focusing on making their homes more comfortable as they wait out stay-at-home orders.

Klarna said the company experienced the second-highest weekly transaction volume ever on its app during the week of April 12 to 18. Only Black Friday week last year saw a higher volume of transactions made through the app.

“With millions of us still under some kind of quarantine in the U.S., many consumers appear to be upgrading their furniture and looking to make their living spaces more comfortable,” said David Sykes, head of U.S. at Klarna. “Our recent data also show that people seem to be looking for creative diversions to keep them occupied at home.”