Kline: Home Fragrance Market Grows But Mass Declines

The home fragrances market in the United States enjoyed another year of record high growth in 2014, according to Kline & Co. The luxury segment, more than half the market, continues to drive growth while mass-market candles sales are sputtering, the market research firm reported.

Sales of luxury candles doubled in growth during 2014, Kline stated. Bath & Body Works is one of the largest and fastest growing brands of prestige candles, but smaller brands, including Nest, RibbonWick, and Dyptique, are generating double-digit growth and standing out through distinctive, decorative visuals and high tech identity.

Active diffusers are building on growth last year and are becoming a hot market category, Kline noted. With some exceptions, such as the fast-growing Yankee Candle’s brand, Fragrance Spheres, passive diffusers are giving way to power‐operated devices, a segment that increased sales by nearly 5%.

Although mass-market home fragrance vendors saw sales lag in 2014, with some exceptions, Kline asserted that the home fragrance oils, wax melts, and fragrance lamps segment continued to expand. Major home fragrance producers including S.C. Johnson with its Glade brand, Procter & Gamble with Febreze, and Reckitt Benckiser with Air Wick, entered the segment in late 2013 and 2014, Kline noted.