Kolibree Launches Kids Smart Toothbrush

Kolibree, a smart oral care company, and Ubisoft, creator of the interactive entertainment and television show Rabbids Invasion, have partnered to create the Rabbids Smart Brush.

According to Kolibree, the smart toothbrush features the Rabbids characters and a child-friendly app for children, designed as a teaching tool, guiding young tooth brushers through a running game that supports overall fitness as well as improved dental hygiene.

Kolibree’s 3D motion sensors in the electric toothbrush handle allow it to double as a game controller, connecting to the mobile app via Bluetooth, the company noted. The screen displays the game and a visual guide that shows where to brush.

The toothbrush uses vibration to gently remove plaque and bacteria that cause tooth and gum disease. Kolibree’s smart sonic toothbrush includes two brush heads and an induction charger. Each toothbrush accommodates up to five users with interchangeable brush heads. Additional 3-packs of color-coded brush heads are available.

“Teaching young children about healthy behaviors through technology, innovation and play is Kolibree’s mission and a great match for Ubisoft’s Rabbids franchise,” said Thomas Serval, founder and chairman of Kolibree.