Koogeek Launches Smart Bath Scale

Koogeek, a Beijing-based smart home products manufacturer, has introduced a smart bath scale.

According to the company, the bath scale records health data such as body water level, body fat, BMR, BMI, bone mass, lean mass and visceral fat. This is based on bioelectrical impedance analysis and four built-in sensors.

The smart scale can sync data to a mobile device via Bluetooth or WiFi to the company’s app, which is available for free download from the App store and Google Play. The scale automatically sends data to the cloud or directly to a smart phone where users can access health data in charts and graphs and can store up to 16 unique user profiles.

The scale was also made with baby in mind, the company said. The scale can weigh the baby while being held by other users and the app will measure the baby’s weight automatically.

According to the company, the Koogeek scale features a contemporary design. There are four stabilizers in the bottom, which can ensure data accuracy, the company said. The scale is made of tempered glass with LED display, which helps prevent scratching, the company said.