Kroger Accelerates Hiring Program

Kroger wants to provide new career opportunities for some 23,500 workers nationwide, including those from the hardest-hit sectors such as restaurants, hotels and food service distributors as part of a plan to hire additional workers over the next several weeks.

The company initiated an expedited hiring process two weeks ago to shorten the time between application and employment, onboarding new hires in an average of 72 hours.

In addition, it is forming employment partnerships with local, regional and national businesses from the most-affected industries to create a shared-resource model, temporarily flexing employees to Kroger roles. Current partners include Frisch’s, Marriott International, McLane Foodservice, Shamrocks Food, Sodexo, Sysco, Thunderdome Restaurant Group and U.S. Foods.

Open jobs remain available nationwide across Kroger’s retail stores, manufacturing plants and distribution centers. Kroger’s average hourly wage is $15 an hour, and, with comprehensive benefits factored in, the company’s average hourly rate is over $20.

“Kroger’s top priority continues to be uplifting our associates and serving our communities, whether that’s by ensuring customers always can find food and products on our shelves or by providing a nearly immediate job opportunity to help an unemployed person to begin working again,” said Tim Massa, Kroger’s svp/chief people officer. “During this time of uncertainty, Kroger is committed to remaining a constant. We have a responsibility to our associates, customers and communities, and we will continue to be here for any need.”