Kroger Digitizing Stores To Better Serve Shoppers

Kroger is looking to digitize its supermarkets to improve store animation, analytics and loss prevention, and, ultimately, to better serve customers. Kroger has partnered with eInfochips, the global product engineering company announced, as well as Wincor Nixdorf, a provider of information technology solutions and services to banks and the retail industry, in an initiative that will produce a new enterprise IT architecture called Retail Site Intelligence.

The store IT architecture uses ZigBee wireless mesh networks to integrate long battery life sensors, handheld devices, point-of-sale equipment and video management software into a next generation retail applications platform, eInfochips pointed out.

In helping to announce the partnership, Chris Hjelm, Kroger’s senior vp and chief information officer, noted that the information project was in support of the retailer’s major shopper service initiative.

“Retail Site Intelligence is, above all, about Customer 1st innovation. We are leveraging technology to help customers have the best possible shopping experience in retail stores, whether by more easily finding the products they want or saving time at checkout. We expect Retail Site Intelligence to be the cornerstone of the technology infrastructure for Kroger stores in the future.”

Kroger already is a leader in using customer loyalty information technology to customize operations based on customer preferences and trends.